Sunday, 18 January 2015

After the Storms and Snow

Storms last weekend, followed by cold north west winds bringing hail and snow.   Today was a quieter, slightly less cold day.   The otter family were out fishing near the slipway and in the 30 minutes I watched, the mother brought on shore two scorpionfish, another couple of fish which I cannot recognise and found other scraps of food under the wracke at the water's edge, possibly crab. The cubs stayed mostly on shore, waiting to be fed.

I eventually lost them as they headed east along Loch na Cairidh


  1. Great to see the otters again. Keep on with the updates!

  2. I'm really enjoying your otter pictures (and other pictures too).
    Anne Marieke from Holland who loves Skye

  3. My neighbours at the Skye Picture House have a terrific video clip of the otter family and a marauding male otter or you can access it at The family seems to range about 3 to 4 kilometers along the Ard Dorch shore.

  4. Helly Terry, I stayed there often when Gill and Steve still owned it. Now I visit them once a year at their new home.
    Visiting again in april and already looking forward to seeing the otters again.
    Thanks for your lovely pictures and reports. I'm really enjoying them. At least I get to have my 'otter fix' from here.
    Kind regards,
    Anne Marieke, also known as "Piet"

  5. Thought so, a good place to stay. There is also an otter holt nearby. Gill has got a couple of trail cameras but I am not sure what she has picked up yet.

    Have you seen otters in the Netherlands? I understand that they have returned after some years. In England the spread has been quite rapid and on lowland rivers they are being seen in the daytime.

  6. Hello Terry,

    Otters were re-introducted in the Netherlands a few years back and they are thriving, but unfortunately there are many problems with traffic and they get run over. A new plan was announced a few days ago to spend a lot of money to build otter-tunnels under roads to avoid road kills.

    Maybe you can use Google Translate to read the article.

    At least they are doing something to save the otters.

    I have never seen them here. They live in rivers here and are difficult to spot.
    It is just good to now that they are back.