Saturday, 8 February 2014

An Otter Getting Comfortable!

I got an excellent clip last night from the trail camera (I found out that it works best with batteries that are not flat after 3 days with no pictures!).

This is an otter gathering bedding at the cliff holt.    All the recent otter activity has been at night, often in the early morning.    It seems to rest up in the cliff holt, spending several hours there.


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    1. My trail camera works better at night in video rather than still picture mode because the trigger time lapse and slow shutter speed make it difficult to capture movement. The infra red means that there is no disturbance.

      We have not seen any otters in daylight for over a month, but we are picking up regular visits to the 'cliff holt' at night. There appears to be only one animal whereas in early January there were at least two.