Friday, 3 January 2014

Otter Images on a Trail Camera

I have had the trail camera out next to the landward side of the cliff  holt for over a week now.   It works on infra red so there is no disturbance to the animals.

The images aren't great as the otters are coming down, or going up a slope and the camera was too close.   I have now moved it a few feet back.  Here though are a three pictures.

We had one visual sighting of the otter family during the last week, briefly and at high tide, but the trail camera has picked up the otters on 8 occasions:

30.12 17:28 Saw them near the shore an hour earlier
31.12 14:56
1.1  16:01 and 18:21  Probably resting up in the interval
2.1   05:35 and 07:56  Probably resting up in the interval
2.1   18:02
3.1   6:32
Only 2 daytime occurrences, the other 6 after dark.

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